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The Phenomenon of Line Rider™

Line Rider was originally created by Boštjan Cadež, (known as
fsk online) a Slovenian university student, in September of 2006. It almost immediately gathered a cult following and became the seventh quickest gaining keyword in Google. Since that time, the 'toy' has generated over 16 million views. Fans quickly noticed that they could create tracks, set them to music, and share them over YouTube.com. Currently, there are over 16,000 shared videos with many more to come.

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www.iridethelines.com was hacked by







LineRider 2:Unbound

is out


On December 19, 2006, it was announced that InXile Entertainment had gained console rights for the game, legally restricting copies and imitations of the game. On the official site it was stated that there would be Nintendo DS and Wii versions in Spring 2008 which would have new features.[10]
It has also been released that a story mode that features new characters Bailey and Chaz will be in the game for DS, PC and WII. In the story mode the player (Bosh) will compete against Chaz in hopes of winning the ultimate sled and the love of Bailey. This mode will span 40 courses, all of which were designed by TechDawg.







LineRider "Dictionary"



1. Bosh - The Rider of Lines. He can be pushed around when off his sled, or ride his sled steadily. Being pushed around enough will push him off his sled.

2. Sled - The "vehicle" of Bosh. In the beginning of the track, Bosh is on his sled. On the sled, he rides smoothly. Enough force will push him off his sled. Enough force afterward will "dent" his sled.

3. Line - A Line is an object drawable to your control. There are different kinds of lines. Lines can effect Bosh's movements. Lines are what judge the length, and byte size of the track.

4. Blue Lines - Blue lines are lines that make sense in Earth terms. In other words, a blue line is snow, and he's riding on his sled. If a blue line curves down, he will speed up as he goes down. As a blue line goes up, he'll eventually slow down.

5. Red Lines - Otherwise "acceleration lines" or "non-logic lines." Red Lines push him in the direction of which it's pointing. Red Lines can be used to speed up or slow down a rider non-logically.

6. Green Line - A Green line is also called a "scenery line." What the green line is entirely made for is background. No matter what, a green line will not effect Bosh or the sled (unless Bosh goes though loads of green lines at once, this will probibly cause lagg). The green line can make the scenario look different.

7. Pencil Tool - The Pencil tool is the original tool of LineRider. As you draw, it constantly creates a line. It isn't very accurate, so it is not recommended.

8. Straight Line Tool - The Straight Line Tool is like the Pencil tool, except the lines are straight until you let go of the mouse. Slowly clicking and going can create extremely smooth and accurate lines, but take more time.

9. Eraser - The Eraser can simply erase any sort of line. Be careful what you erase!

10. Hand Tool - The hand tool is also used by holding down the spacebar. What's so cool about it is that it's used to move your vision of the track, so you can continue the track forever.

11. Magnifying Glass Tool - Otherwise called "The Zoom tool" is used to zoom in and out while editing the track.

12. Play Button - The Play button starts the sequence of ride. LineRider will start at the S or at the flag.

13. Stop button - The stop (or "end") button will end the play sequence, and bring you into editing mode.

14. Flag - The flag will set a "save point." When you press play, LineRider will start there. Pressing "A" and the play button will ignore the flag and start at the beginning. Pressing the flag during editing mode will take away the flag. Pressing the flag during play mode will set the flag there. Holding in C while pressing the flag button will leave a ghost of Bosh and his sled instead of the flag (the "ghost" still acts just like a flag, though).

15. Save - The Track will be saved into a .sol file onto your cookies for that site.

16. Trash Tool - It will delete the whole track, but not the saved .sol or any track saved on the .sol.

17. Editing Mode - Editing mode is when you can edit the track with all the tools.

18. Play Sequence (or mode) - A mode when you can see the track play, but not edit. The only thing you can do is set a flag and save.

19. Zooming during play mode - Pressing 'Z' will zoom in during play mode. Pressing 'X' will zoom out during play mode.

20. Live Play Mode - Pressing "Ctrl" while pressing play will make it able for you to draw or delete while playing.

21. Color Play Mode - Pressing "Y" as soon as you open a track lets you play the track while seeing the color of the lines. This egg/glitch is a helpful tool when you want to prove the color of the lines in a track such as "all blue".

22. Shift - Pressing "Shift" while you draw a line in Editing Mode will draw the line in reverse. This is how you change the direction of a red line.

23. (S) - The (S) mark shows where LineRider will start unless there is a flag set. The (S) can be moved by pressing 'D'.

24. Nose Manual- When Bosh is balanced on the nose of the sled for a controlled amount of time

25. Tail Manual- When Bosh is balanced on his back pegs of his sled for a controlled amount of time

26. XY- A style of track making that uses lines ONLY drawn on a horizontal or vertical axis, making Bosh flip and move in odd ways

27. Quirk- A type of trick that makes Bosh move in ways that would normally defy the laws of physics; that abuses the physics engine.

28. Granual- Where Bosh is in a manual and where on the opposite side of the line that bosh is riding on, small or large lines are placed to act as gravity wells to keep Manualing on the line. This is mostly used when bosh is upside down on a line using normal g-wells to keep him on the line.

29. Gravity Well- Also known as G-wells, Quirks Etc. Gravity wells are lines placed around Bosh's body and sled to perform him to move in odd motions known as Quirks.

30. Gravity Well Fling- Also known as flings, Gravity Well Flings are Gravity Wells that Bosh's body and/or sled (such as hands, Shoulder, Feet, Tail, Nose, String etc) reacts to which ends in Bosh's main speed increasing. The larger the line, The faster Bosh's speed will be.

31. AGW- Known as Anti-Gravity Wells, AGW's are 2 lines snapped together at one end. Making Bosh fall into the AGW will surely kill him, But putting Bosh near the edge of the AGW where the 2 lines are snapped together, makes him fall on the AGW making a "Floatie". Sometimes 2 AGW's can be placed side by side at a distance to create the look that Bosh is actually floating.

32. Hand Stall- When the hand on bosh comes up to a short line, hangs on to it, and stays there. There can also be a temporary hand stall, where he grabs on to a line, stays there for a few seconds, then slides off to the next part of the track.

33. Treadmill Stall- When Bosh stops in a stall but his hands are still moving back and forth as if he's operating a treadmill

34. Purple lines- These are Trap-door lines, when Bosh rides over them they fall apart and dissapear. Purple lines act the same way as blue lines do against physics.

You still don't know, who's who?

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It is just listed, here:

Creator of LineRider:

FškReal name: Boštjan Cadež
Short description: A slovenian student who's sketch of a little man on a sled riding down a mountain turned into a flash game that's been played by over 15 million people worldwide.
InXileBought the rights for the game on December 20th 2006.
Had plans to release DS and Wii versions of linerider in spring 2007-Article
Notable Riders:

Anomaly76Profile: Anomaly76
Short description: The quirk grand master and the inventor of the gravity well. Also probably has more linerider videos submitted than anybody else at 88 so far.
Notable tracks:
Absurd!st movement
Gravity wells
D4N3TrainShort description: Creator of probably THE most well known linerider track, die at the slopes.
Notable tracks:
Die at the slopes
dxmagikarpShort description:Was one of the best trackmaker back in the Beta 1 days. He created many tutorials and many ground-breaking tracks.
Notable tracks:
Perpetual Motion in Beta 1
Leapin' Lizards Linerider
Beta 1 Jump Landing Tutorial
Holcomb277Profile: Holcomb277
Short description: Known by many as the manual God, always completely flawless. Did the first ever Tail manual loop.
Notable tracks:
The amazing nose manual
NamtladeProfile: Namtlade
Short description: Namtlade, VIP rider on irtl and mod on .org, gained his status because he is a formidable rider and makes quality tracks. His specialty is manuals, but he aint scared of quirks neither.
Notable tracks:
ProtocolProfile: Protocol
Short Description:Protocol, VIP Rider and Beta Tester at IRtL is the record holder for most flips ever in linerider, 9 Backflips up and 94 Backflips down.
Notable tracks:
Breaking Loose 3---Jesus Edition
Ram TzuProfile: Ram Tzu
Ram Tzu
Short description: Notable for his very unique style of drawing which borders on perfection with perfect circles, curves and even spirals all drawn free hand.
Notable tracks:
Linerider Odyssee
Linerider loopland
TechdawgProfile: Techdawg
Short description:Known by many to be the greatest linerider track maker ever, with his latest video Monumental reaching over 600,000 views in 2 months on youtube. He also created this linerider fansite. He lives in Minnesota USA. He is 37 and has been married 15 years. He has 4 sons two of which are known on IRTL as Winzle and EliahSwift. Techdawg's real first name is Matthew.
Notable tracks:
Make believe
Techdawg LABS
UnconedProfile: Unconed
Short description:A close friend of Fsk who was allowed to test linerider beta 2 before others and created some of the most well-known tracks of all time. This just in, UnConed has just released a new video! It is Stargate Atlantis Meets Linerider!
Notable tracks:
Jagged peak adventure
!Wendel!Profile: !Wendel!
Short description: One of the first heroes of beta two. He was a hero and inspiration who at one point of time was matched with Techdawg. He was excelent with scenery and invented the tail manual. He has had all three of his scenery videos featured on linerider.org for over a month. He has been inactive with scenery videos and linerider all together but we have got some news from his brother; LineRiderFan; that he is currently working on a new video.
Notable tracks:
Crazy Castle Run
Crazy Pirate Ship
The Very First Tail Manual





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