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 I Ride the Lines was founded by TechDawg in February of 2007, and was popular right from the beginning, and that popularity only grew as the word spread and with new TechDawg track releases. Today, I Ride the Lines is still going strong, with over 6,000 members and more joining every day. I Ride The Lines (IRtL short) is an unofficial community forum based on Line Rider™. Their chief motive is to create and maintain a relaxed and fun community to help people hone their skills, share their works with others, and collaborate on group projects.

Here is a review, written by an IRtL member:

Hey, it's Mirage. Today, I will be doing a review of IRtL, and rating all (or most) of the major aspects and goals of forums. There are 5 of them, and each of them will be able to get a maximum of 10 points. I will make a rating chart down at the bottom, and depending how good this forum is rated, it could be Perfect, Awesome, Good, Okay, Bad, or Terrible. Here we go:

8/10 Here, I will be talking about 2 different types of content; useful/interesting content (any type of good content) and inappropriate content (spam, sexual content, etc.) I think IRtL has very helpful and useful topics. (Premium tutorial section helps a lot, same with Wiki) The members here are always happy to help you with almost any questions you have to ask, either in the shout box, or in the help section. The reason it isn't 10/10 for this subject is because there is sometimes the people who ask a question or make a tutorial that has already been asked or made. There were also very interesting topics here. Let me name a few. ToC2, IRtL Personalities,(which unfortunately died out for an unknown reason) The Confession Thread, (which died out, then rabid made a new one recently, check it out at http://www.iridethelines.com/forums/...ad.php?t=27531) and many more that I do not remember. About inappropriate content now, there is always the occasional sexual talk in the shout box. (for the lulz *cough*Perry and Bing*cough*) And does everyone remember what ended up happening to the old Confession Thread? Yeah, I bet you do. There are the occasional nubs that do nothing but spam, like bobkid3 and Glen. (Hey, according to Microsoft Word 2007, nubs is a word! ) (bobkid3 will forever be known as one of the biggest spammers that I have ever heard of. Glen got permanently banned because he had a link to an illegal drug in his signature.) Other than that, the spam isn't bad on this site. I am very surprised how well they keep this site maintained. The next topic is Friendliness.

10/10 This site has some of the coolest, nicest, and most friendly people I have ever seen in my life. I mean, this site is very friendly to new people, and pretty much anyone on here that doesn't ask for a butt-whoopin'. Remember when WishLine was active here? How nice he was to new members? (Please, not a conversation on WishLine.) I mean, like I mentioned in the previous topic, the people here make many tutorials and try their best to answer questions that anyone might have. People here are even nice enough to make GFX shops for people and recording shops for people, just to help them!
Originally Posted by Absox
I have my recording shop to help everyone have perfect recordings.
(Please, not a conversation about Absox, either.) Since there is no other topic in this to talk about staff and things like that, I'll talk about it here. The staff are very friendly, and none of them abuse their powers. (Congrats Bing on becoming Mod!) Sure, it may get a bit out-of-hand here every once in a while, but nobody's perfect. I also think we have the right amount of staff, and the right amount of Ranks. Sure, some of them are a bit more useful than others, but like I said, no forum is perfect, either.(Don't ask why one of the rankings is Perfect ) One thing I think would be better about VIP riders is that rabid AND TechDawg would be able to choose them, since only 2 that I know of are somewhat active. (Sorvius, Namtlade) The next topic is Humor.

Humor: 8.5/10
We have some very funny members here. I’ll say a couple; Hedge, Mikeee, Perry, Slyther and many more. If you want to see most of them, look to see who has “Best Joker” in their profile! We always have good laughs in the shout box, no matter what we are talking about. If you want to see some of them, just go looking for them in people’s signatures.(Purtle has quite a few) One thing I think we could work on is that we try to lower the lulz about sexual content. (Look at my sig) I know it is for the lulz, but it is still inappropriate. (You know who you are) There are a certain few people here that can make any situation funny, or non-serious, just by cracking a joke. That can always lighten up someone’s day. The next topic is Activity.

Activity: 9.5/10
This site is so active, it scares people sometimes. (Like me) For instance, I remember some talking on .org about IRtL, and he was like, “They are too active. I mean, one time I came back from eating dinner, and there were like 100 new posts.” When I went on vacation for a week, when I came back, there were 1000 new posts. (Or something around that) There are about 5 messages in the shout box per minute on average, last time I was in the shout box. There are pretty much always more than 20 people online. Sure, it’s always the same people active/online, but the active people are very nice and helpful, thankfully. Some Elite Riders and Power Riders aren’t active, but that doesn’t really matter to me. We also have some people in different time zones, so we get posts 24/7, which is another reason why we are so active. The next topic is Changing.

Changing: 7/10
This is the worst main point of IRTL. We don’t make many changes, (even though this week was pretty much staff week Congrats Bing once again) and sometimes we don’t like them. It was pretty annoying how there weren’t any announcements for 3 weeks, so I go on vacation. When I come back and load up my computer, I find 3 new announcements, all 2 days apart from each other. Surprise much? On average, there is about an announcement every 1.5 weeks. I personally like changes here, but for some reason, we don’t have changes often. Nothing I can do about that, though.

So, that’s my review, I hope it made sense, and I also hope that you enjoyed it.
Now, to get your forum’s rating, you just add up all of the ratings you gave each subject. So, 8+10+8.5+9.5+7= a grand total of 43. So, according to my rating, this is an awesome forum. (It really is an awesome forum!)
50/50 = Perfect
41/50 to 49/50 = Awesome
31/50 to 40/50 = Good
21/50 to 30/50 = Okay
11/50 to 20/50 = Bad
1/50 to 10/50 = Terrible
C&C please. If there are any other main points of a forum that you would like me to add, just post a comment! Thanks for reading.

Basicly, IRtL is a big, friendly LR community, and it is worth joining it.
Around, it's the #1 place to go.
Also IRtL is supporting TAoL