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by FlagCapper



Here is FlagCapper's Description for his Website:

This site was created by FlagCapper, my online name for a variety of games, forums, and websites. I coded this site entirely myself, from the forum to the shoutbox and everything inbetween. The site is hosted on a small make-shift server in my basement that runs a WAMP server (google it). I am constantly updating this site and coding new features, as it is a hobby and something I hope to one day make a profit from.

The site is supported soley from the clicks and impressions that the ads displayed here recive. I use the Google Adsense program to host and earn from advertisments.

The website, get's updated regulary, and FlagCapper cares of the well-being of his members.

In his forum, he is constantly on the wishes of its users. It's worth to join.

Actually, this description includes all necessary pieces of information.





If I anything should add, please contact me, FC.